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Mondo Memento Map

I was looking for a map widget with which I could put link on a map pointing to different blog entries within Mondo Memento. So that you could zoom to different areas and click on the markers to read blog entries that have happened there. The ones I found were not what I was looking for - they drew route from point to point, which doesn't work for me, since I'm not blogging a certain single trip rather than snippets of memories on different trips.

I finally learned to build my own map, so here's a cool zoomable map with markers pointing to different blog entries so far. I'll probably put the map on a separate page later on and link to it on the right hand side bar, and that map will be updated with new markers as I write new blog entries whereas this particular blog entry will sink down with its unupdated map, but until then enjoy this map right below:

Map loading...

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