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Loughborough Family Butcher

Low quality mobile phone camera snapshot.
After visiting a local business photographer, I walk in the centre of Loughborough. It's a busy sunny summer afternoon. People are running errands in the post office, shopping their groceries after work. Some are already having their first pint in a pub. Lots of cars driving around. A typical and nice day in a typical and nice English small town.

There I walk, minding my own business, when suddenly I spot an eerie establishment on the other side of the street. It's like a shop, because of the large display windows, but all the windows, including the door glass seem to be covered by brown packaging paper from inside. Above there is a sign with the text:

Screen cap from Google Street View.
I never went inside the store. Wonder what it looks like behind those brown paper wrappers. I bet it's a real old-skool butcher's shop. Carvers, hooks and knives hanging from the ceiling and walls. More cutting tools and a big roll of that brown wrapper on a cutting block. Eddie himself standing behind the counter with a huge cleaver in his hand wearing somewhat bloody apron and a white trilby hat with a big smile on his face. Guess I'll take my wife and son there the next time we visit Loughborough. Maybe Eddie gives us family discount!

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