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Fine Titz

Got a genuine old-skool snail mail letter from Germany couple of days ago. Uh oh, these things have never meant anything good, I thought. It was a speeding ticket from couple of weeks ago from a trip to Ruhr area and Benelux. Looks like it is possible to exceed the speed limit even in Germany! Fortunately the twenty euro fine I have to pay is considerably less than the 750 € that I was dunned for in the case explained behind the previous link. Moreover, the car rental company charged me an additional fee for passing my information to the authorities, but I guess that's only fair.

The felony took place in a town called Titz. No wonder your driving was so hasty and excited, said wife. 

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luxury apartments buenos aires said...

I had no idea there were speed limits in Germany either! So much for the autobond...