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Pedestrian Roller Coaster

Photo © Guy Gorek
If you are really afraid of roller coasters, but still would like to take a ride, you should head to Duisburg, Germany, where you can take a walk on one. It's actually a sculpture that was built about a year ago on a hilltop of landscaped mining waste, just next to the river Rhein. It's called Tiger & Turtle - A Magic mountain, because a roller coaster is normally fast like tiger, but this one you can walk as slowly as a turtle. It's accessible for free at all times of the day, and it's even illuminated after dusk.

This is exactly what is cool in the ostensibly miserable and ugly Ruhr area: You can find a number of industrial landmarks, disused factories etc. which have been innovatively converted into new uses. Some day I'll go back there to take a scuba dive session in a gasometer. In Ruhr area that is possible too. Meanwhile take a look at the head camera video I filmed at the Tiger & Turtle landmark. Can you walk the loop?

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